Here at Heli Hunters you have the opportunity to hunt wild hogs from a helicopter.  We currently are the only hunting service to offer the exclusive buddy hunt with use of our four passenger Robinson R44 helicopter.  This allows you and one other buddy to join our professional guide and pilot for the chance to hunt wild hogs together from the helicopter.  This really brings the challenge and experience to a whole new level.  With the ability to tag team the hogs and watch or video each other hunt will make your experience with Heli Hog Hunters one you will not soon forget.

Our goal at Heli Hog Hunters is to provide you, our customers, with the most exciting, heart pounding hunt you have ever been on.  We want our customers to have an experience they will share with people when they return home.  This will truly be a memorable moment in any hunters life and we at Heli Hog Hunters take that to heart.  We pride ourselves on safety, enjoyment and the experience of each other.

We at Heli Hog Hunters are well and take every precaution to ensure we leave the environment and landscape in the way we found it.  All our firearms are equipped with the most advanced brass catching equipment on the market.  Our helicopters are the most efficient and quite in their class.  The hogs that are shot are retrieved and processed or donated to charities.  We are consciously looking for new ways to protect our environment and improve our service.

Packages Start at $440 per hour per person minimum 2 people.
This includes the safety course, helicopter, pilot, guide and firearm. (Ammo is additional)
Ammo prices are $12 per 30 round mag.
There is a two hour minimum on all helicopter hunts.